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8:00am  (CEST)                                                                                    watch the video          
       15 Troubleshooting tips and tricks for Database 21c
        speaker: Sandesh Rao

This session will focus on 15 troubleshooting tips and tricks for DBA’s covering tools from the Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) like Trace file Analyzer (TFA) to collect , organize and analyze log data , Exachk and orachk to perform mass best practices analysis and automation , Cluster Health Advisor to debug node evictions and calibrate the framework , OSWatcher and its analysis engine , oratop for pinpointing performance issues and many others to make one feel like a rockstar DBA

9:00am (CEST)            
        Oracle 21c New Features for DBAs: Tables and Indexes
        speaker: Julian Dontcheff

Oracle database 21c came with 211 new features and 3 major ones are directly related to tables and indexes in the database: Blockchain Tables, Automatic Index Optimization and Automatic Zone Maps. The presentation covers all these 3 in detail with several examples including also Data Pump new features and how to upgrade to 21c.

10:00am  (CEST)                                                                                    watch the video    
        AutoUpgrade Deep Dive with Development
        speakers: Mike DietrichDaniel Overby Hansen

Most people use AutoUpgrade already to upgrade to Oracle Database 19c. If you don’t, no worries – we will give you a 10 min overview on how to start with AutoUpgrade. But for those of you who are familiar with it, we will dig deep into some pretty awesome features of AutoUpgrade. We will take this case by case with realistic cases taken from your daily tasks. Not only will we explain but of course we will demo the approaches as well. You’ll be an upgrade specialist after this talk. And as usual, this talk will be free of marketing and advertising but instead show as many demos as possible.

12:30pm  (CEST)             
        A Top-Secret Recipe to Rapid, Cost Effective Lift & Shift of EBS to OCI 
        speaker: Kashif Manzoor

A successful lift & shift stories of how e business suite R12 has been migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including challenges encountered and lessons learned. I will take you through what we have followed and will lead us to succeed in lift & shift projects. This session is for anyone who needs to plan, manage, or be part of migration. I will share detail technical steps, the methodology and tips we have used in delivering successful with the Oracle E-Business Suite’s cloud manager provisioning and lifecycle management tasks. Our experience with Lift & Shift projects has shown that those organizations who manage the change effectively will succeed. I will share the secrets of what you need to do to avoid the pitfalls, and where to find the answers.