EMEA Community Tour 2022

After a 2 years break, the popular Oracle Groundbreakers Tour is reshaped under a new name – Oracle Community Tours – and under the so-much-expected of one in-person event. In 2022, the tour has online and on-site presentations.

No more only online presentation this year for some events. We’ll meet each other, we’ll see each other, we’ll feel the community spirit alive

The EMEA Community Tour 2022 will take place between 26th of September and 13th of October.

This year, 9 countries / 7 Oracle User Groups within EMEA will collaborate to bring together novices and specialists from all over the world

The events are scheduled as follows:

26th of September – CASOUG ( Kyrgyzstan) online
27th of September – CASOUG ( Uzbekistan) online
29th of September – CASOUG ( Tajikistan) online
3rd of October – DOUG-day 2022 (Copenhagen / Denmark)
5th of October – LuxOUG (Luxembourg)
7th of October – ConTech2022 by RoOUG ( Bucharest / Romania)
10th of October – OUGN (Oslo / Norway) – hybrid
12th of October – HrOUG22 (Rovinj / Croatia)
13th of October – LVOUG online

Each User Group had shaped their agenda. The registration is open already. All you have to do is to scroll each event and decide where to travel first.