Oracle Groundbreakers EMEA Virtual Tour 2020

Recordings are available !

The story that started with:

…. Fall 2020. Packing in a hurry, running to catch the flight to the next Tour stop, speaking in front of a full room is not going to happen this year. Instead, we are arranging a virtual trip, from Central Asia all way long to West Europe. User Groups from the following countries Azerbaijan, Belgium, Croatia, Luxembourg, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan are working together to build this series of virtual events. Check the interview given by some members of the tour leader’s team, before the Tour started….

comes to it ends.

OGBEMEA Virtual Tour had all what we’ve promised: #diversity, #BackToBasics, Hands-on-Labs, panel discussion, breakout sessions; full agenda covered more than 70 hours of webinars presented by more than 60 well-known speakers.

OGB EMEA online was not the same as a live Tour but still it was a way to learn, to connect, to build the community.