Dusseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous federal state in Germany. It is known for its fashion industry, trade shows and art scene. The Rhine river divides the city, with its Old Town on the east bank and modern commercial areas to the west. In the Old Town, St. Lambertus Church and Castle Tower both date to the 13th century while the new media harbour hosts the famous Gehry buildings with their fascinating facades. Streets such as Königsalle and Schadowstraße attract shoppers with many boutiques.

Dusseldorf has been a great host city for DOAG’s database conference for a number of years and 2016 marks the first one where this event spans two whole days with 4 tracks and also the first time that Germany is part of an OTN tour. The conference takes place at the Hotel Melia on May 10th and 11th with the OTN tour track on the first day.