Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, one of the most beautiful world’s cities is located at the joint of Europe and Asia. The capital’s name itself is interpreted as a “wind blow”, “city of winds” or “hill”, “city on the hill”.

Baku is the largest industrial center. It is the place of concentration of ancient oil fields, well-known Oil Stones, unique plant of deep water foundations, high-capacity derrick barges, and modern drilling floating units. It is also famous for developed oil refineries, petrochemical, chemical, light, food, engineering branches of industry, oil equipment production, building materials, instrumentation, electrical engineering and radio electronics, shipbuilding.

As a result of rapid growth of Computer Technologies, Azerbaijan Oracle User Group (AzerOUG) has been established in 2012 by local enthusiast database administrators and more than 10 meetings have been organized so far. Beside the presentation style conferences, AzerOUG also organize hands-on interactive events to help attendees to get practical experience on specific administrations tasks.