SQLcl – SQL*Plus with benefits

The team that brings us Sql Developer also developed a new commandline utility: SQLcl.
Sure, it can do what SQL*Plus can do.
But once you get to know the extras it brings, you will never want to do without anymore.

Do you like working from the command line in sqlplus? Then you will love doing so in SQLcl.
You don’t like working from the command line, but have to? Then you will like it a lot more in SQLcl.

SQLcl has been around for quite a while now, and is the command line tool that is built by the same team that brings us the GUI SQL Developer.
It does everything SQLPlus does, but on top of that lots and lots more. For example: easy csv creation and loading, querying data from another database without a database link, aliases, repeating queries a set number of times, generating ddl scripts, and if that’s not enough you can script and add your own functionality. New features constantly get added, which alone is more than we were able to say about sqlplus for a long time
This session will introduce SQLcl and discuss and demonstrate its features to those that are new to it.