10 things you should know about Oracle Visual Builder Studio

Do you have different tools for your custom application development and for developing SaaS extensions? Did you know that you can use Oracle Visual Builder Studio to develop both? And on top of that completely manage your SDLC with the same tool? Join this session and I’ll tell you al about it.

Do you recognise this?

Why doesn’t your application have that one additional feature so you can properly do your work? It is not an uncommon scenario, and this issue is critical in the enterprise. Such a scenario is typically where you can use Oracle Visual Builder Studio. With Oracle Visual Builder Studio you use HTML/JavaScript to build and deploy web, mobile, and progressive web apps (PWAs) to extend your SaaS applications. One could use VBCS to develop extensions to Oracle SaaS, but on top of that you can also build stand alone web or mobile applications to serve your needs.

Apart from being a development environment, Oracle Visual Builder Studio also enables you to manage the entire SDLC process with issue tracking, agile and sprint planning, wikis, and development dashboards and to manage code lifecycle with Git repositories, peer code review, and continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

In this session you will see how easy it is to use all these possibilities from Oracle Visual Builder Studio. You will learn how to create applications, to extend your SaaS, and not in the last place how you can use Visual Builder Studio to streamline your SDLC and how combine all the previous steps so can deliver 1st class applications to your enterprise.