What are the differences between OBIA, EPM, OTBI and the new Oracle Analytics for Fusion ERP (OAX)?

Oracle Analytics for Fusion ERP or ERP Cloud SaaS is an analytical application from the OAX portfolio that maximise the value of ERP Cloud data by turning finance data into actionable insights.

Empowers finance users to monitor business performance with pre-built or custom key performance indicators (KPIs)

It is adaptable to combine ERP Cloud Data with data from other sources to enable cross-functional insight and a single trusted view of the enterprise.

We’ll go through some of the key aspects of OAX which is powered by ADW and OAC such as:

  • No database design, tuning, ETL, modelling, etc.
  • Ready-to-use dashboards, reports, KPIs
  • Fully extensible & customisable

We will explore some capabilities and differences between OTBI, EPM and OAX and why a combination provides a complete finance analytic solution.

A final review on implementation aspects for security, extensibility and deployment.