Graph Database: from scratch in 45 minutes

“Property Graph” databases: often it’s a very theoretical topic with lot of words and potential use cases. But how to build and use them for real? How to get started? Nothing better than this live-demo session on Property Graphs with Oracle.

You often hear theoretical talks about Graph Databases, either with just theory or with some potential use cases. But how to do it for real? How to practically get started with Graph Databases?

Even official Oracle sessions on the topics are generally slides and slides of theories and screenshots of example uses cases, but hardly a practical “Hey, look at this! This is how you can get your hands dirty with graphs!”.

This session is going to show you “live” how you can practically get started with Oracle Graph Databases.
Where to get the graph engine to get started, how to build a graph from scratch by hand first to see how things works.
How to move up a level, from a sample dataset to creating and loading a graph, doing analysis on it to get insights.
From a simple shell interactive graph session to a proper graph stored in the database, which will look very similar to how a user will probably start when using graph databases.

You will get all you need to get started with graph databases by yourself with confidence right after the session.

I must admit the session has code inside: java, python, sql, pgql all executed from a Jupyter notebook, so it is adapted to any audience level as long as they aren’t allergic to code. No marketing, just real working content!