Make your Cloud Applications Function for real – A Complete Overview of Oracle Functions as a Service

Functions are what make cloud native applications tick. They execute business logic, handle requests and events, stitch together managed PaaS Services and automate Ops activities. Functions allow and actually strongly suggest a clean application design with decoupled, encapsulated, independently testable, scalable and evolvable mini-applications that are suitable for highly automated operations.

Oracle Functions – based on Project Fn – are at the heart of cloud native applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They are implemented in almost any programming language and are run on a virtually serverless platform. This session provides a complete overview of Oracle Functions, including several live demonstrations. You will see local development of Functions in several languages, learn about automated testing of Functions and about deployment to the OCI tenancy (from CLI, Terraform and Pipeline). Functions can be invoked in several ways: direct call, through API Gateway request, triggered by Notifications and Cloud Events and indirectly time scheduled; these are discussed and shown. Functions are configured with runtime settings, can read secrets (such as credentials and connection details) from the Vault service and can make use of other OCI Services, for example for persisting data (Autonomous Database, MySQL, NoSQL Database, Autonomous JSON), publishing messages to a stream, read or write a file or invoke another function, synchronously or asynchronously. The OCI Logging and Monitoring Services are demonstrated to support Ops on the Functions.

In 45 minutes, get a complete overview of serverless Oracle Functions on OCI; see how to develop, test, deploy, invoke and operate them. And embrace them as the essential cogs in your Oracle Cloud machinery.