RMAN – From Beginner to Advanced

The Oracle Recovery Manager is main tool for backup and recovery of the Oracle database. It is very important for all DBA’s to understand how it’s working and how to resolve an issues with backups and more important understand how to recover database in the different scenarios.
My work experience is showing me that junior DBA’s are using Recovery Manager mostly through Oracle Enterprise Manager and some of them afraid or don’t know how to use command line interface.
This presentation is going to cover RMAN concepts and show examples how to deal with typical back and recovery scenarios and how to interpret scripts and RMAN output logs. It will cover a concept of Recovery Manager channel and typical backup, restore and recover commands. In addition to that catalog, crosscheck and delete commands will be explained and explained in the typical scenarios.

The following examples will be presented during a session:

  • basic backup and recovery for single and multitenant database (CDB/PDB)
  • disaster recovery ( from empty server to fully recovered database )
  • point in time recovery for database, tablespace and table (CDB/PDB)
  • Cloud integration ( Oracle Cloud backup / AWS S3 )
  • incremental backups and Block check tracking
  • catalog and uncatalog of backupset from disk and tape

The main goal of this presentation is to show that RMAN is a best friend of the DBA and using a command line DBA can fully control it and become a RMAN “hero”.