SQL 101: Why and How

Completely rejected (NoSQL) and then loved again (NewSQL), the old Structured Query Language is the new API added to all databases. Let’s look at its basics, as in the 80’s when it appeared. Not only the language but the concepts: relational model and ACID properties, with a few tips for modern devs

It was abandoned for a while when NoSQL was the trend. So, you may not have learned SQL, and relational tables, and foreign keys, and Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability‚Ķ And now those come again in our databases. Let’s learn it now as when it appeared 40 years ago: with demos on simple examples. Only the practical things – no normal forms here! – focusing on which problems it solves. If you are fan of NoSQL I may convince you that SQL can provide an awesome developer experience.